DOIS, HUAWEI’s Exclusive Partner, implements solutions aimed at empowering its customers to face daily challenges, always proposing the solutions that best fit their reality



Integrative and Excellence IT Solutions that keep up with the customers business pace



Professional Services of Added Value to the Customer due to the differentiation, know-how, involvement and dedication of DOIS



DOIS, a Partner and a Commitment.
DOIS, closer to the customer standing out in affinity and harmony as a Partner



We create an ecosystem where all our business areas complement each other, enriching all IT infrastructures



Being innovative, flexible, creative and at the forefront solutions of our partners technological evolutions


DOIS is a Portuguese technological company created in 2009 which emerged to respond to a perceived need in the information and communication technologies market – Virtualization.

Currently, DOIS’s portfolio focuses on the specific areas of ICT and is distinguished in this sector by the range of innovative solutions, by the automation of infrastructures and by the continuous services.

DOIS mainly works in the areas of Datacenter, Networking, Infrastructure, Security, Connectivity, Collaboration, Support and Professional Services.

When designing solutions we work in two distinct areas: The Technology and Financial. These two axes intersect in finding the best solution adapted to your customer’s business.

DOIS has grown significantly over the last few years through its competences and has managed to achieve a prominent position in the areas of intervention in which it operates.

DOIS takes it as your partner and ally with permanent responsibility for monitoring, management and troubleshooting of systems and specific IT functions.

Strategic Partnerships

The technological and business partnerships established by DOIS aims to maintain and strengthen new forms of business in the Portuguese market also reinforcing the positioning of these partners regarding the most innovative and reliable solutions in the ICT sector in Portugal.

  • Huawei

    DOIS is HUAWEI’s GOLD Enterprise Partner.

  • Netwrix

    DOIS is Netwrix´s Gold Partner.

  • Altitude

    DOIS is Authorized Partner of Altitude Software.

  • Fortinet

    DOIS is currently SILVER Partner of Fortinet.

  • Veeam

    DOIS is currently Silver Partner of Veeam solutions in Portugal.

  • VMware

    DOIS is Partner / Enterprise Solution Provider of VMWare.

  • DataCore

    DOIS is GOLD Solution Partner of DataCore Software.


DOIS is proud to gather customers and partners in all sectors of activity with whom we work together, side by side, to evolve every day. For DOIS all customers are referrals because they all have helped us to grow and to respond more effectively to their current needs and future challenges.


  • We have unique technological assets

    Being disruptive and even a little cheeky” is the formula that Miguel Luz Pinto has sought to apply to the business strategy he has defined for the DOIS.

  • Portuguese Tech Company DOIS is now Fortinet’s Silver Partner

    DOIS, Empowering Connections, a Portuguese tech company has conquered Fortinet’s Silver Partner.

  • DOIS heads to Oporto city

    Miguel Luz Pinto, CEO of the company, reinforces the increase in the number of customers and projects obtained in 2016.

  • DOIS features at IT Magazine, IT CHANNEL

    This is the year in which DOIS aims to make a difference with an innovative approach to the market.

  • Safe bet on Huawei ensures DOIS’s good performance

    DOIS has doubled the number of customers in 2016 and registered an increase in the number of projects on new business solutions.

  • DOIS achieves first quality certification

    Attributed by SGS, DOIS has accomplished its first quality certification which was a priority for this Portuguese tech company.


    DOIS is in the process of expanding its current business and services by launching a new Customer Support Portal.

  • DOIS has a new customer support portal

    DOIS has just released a customer support portal which it has introduced a new support management system.

  • DOIS debuts a brand new Customer Support Portal

    The Support Portal stands out as a single point of contact for the resolution of all technical problems registered.

  • DOIS announces a new Customer Support Portal

    The new DOIS portal introduces a new support, ticketing and service management system.



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